Nonbinary dragon monster king with a ravenous appetite for danger and pain, Drago’s (DRAH-Go) is quite the beast. A lifelong acrobat, performer & educator, Drago has dedicated their life to their passions and continually seeks to level up their artistry.

One of the very few artists who perform the insanely rare art of “Iron Jaw,” They are the World Record Holder for the Longest Body Burn while hanging from their teeth. Drago has been a full time performing artist for over a decade, touring Asia, Central America and the US with their myriad of aerial and fire solo, duo, and group acts.

Drago Nesa 9
Drago Nesa 10

Drago is the owner and founder of SkyHigh Odditorium queer aerial arts school, hosting over 30 students each week, while leading their accomplished performing troupe, “The Dragonettes.” They are a core member of a variety of Bay Area Circus groups including DAM Circus, Poisn Ivy, Twisted Windows, & Kat Robichard’s Misfit’s Cabaret, and a rotating performer with groups such as WomanopolySF, Glamour Grunge, Scream Queens Gorlesque, Vehement, & Ruckus & Rumpus Revival.

They are a producer of Dark Ambient Music, releasing their last album “Dragon Tongue” in 2020 and featuring their music as part of the Dark Ambient Sound Bath. Amongst Drago’s greatest accomplishments is performing Aerial & Fire with DAM Circus at Coachella Festival, hanging from their teeth 25 feet in the air over 20,000 people. Follow them on their main social media account @Drago.Nesa to keep up with their wild antics.  

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